With Google’s latest updates, it has become essential to focus on the quality of content. It will help with SEO as well as increasing the sale with greater reach.

Gone are the days when content developers used to write 500+ words of content with 2% keyword to get a decent ranking. Now, Google has become more intelligent and can detect the difference between good and bad content.

Based on this factor, a webpage gets its ranking which directly influences the business prospect of that particular company. …

The coronavirus outbreak has crippled the world around us, as we know it. It is no longer the incessant humming of large crowds, or liberal tapping of a thousand and million feet, or streets and markets abuzz with the suffusion of multitudes of voices, or the perpetual purring of car engines and roars of bikes, or screeching of tyres, or busyness of an office environment.

Instead, it is a deafening silence that rings through large swaths of the globe that have suddenly come to a standstill. …

Media, the fourth pillar of democracy, has long since played a central role in the progress of human civilization. Its ability to educate, entertain and engross consumers has driven the wheels of history and spurred social and political growth.

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At this juncture, it is safe to assume that most, if not all, know about the novel coronavirus disease that is ravaging the world. In merely a span of 4 months, the disease has spread far and wide across the globe.

While previously Wuhan was the epicentre of Covid-19, since the dawn of March 2020, it has shifted to Italy and more recently to the USA and the whole of Western Europe as well. And it is only a matter of time before the spread of the virus peaks in India. …

The onslaught of coronavirus disease has sent ripples across the globe. Modern humans are probably witnessing something so ubiquitous and all-encompassing for the first time. And during this crisis, the healthcare industry is the world’s only hope.

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The coronavirus outbreak has dispelled the illusion of sustainability humans enjoyed coming into the 21st century. Now, the curtains on it have been lifted, and the world population stares at the horrors that could befall it if not careful.

The pandemic situation has raised the levels of anticipation near to an apocalyptic film. Also, quite grimly so, the coronavirus outbreak has shown the fragility of our social and economic structures; it took only a mutated virus to quake the foundations of these years-of-evolved systems.

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Over the past few years, India has been steadily emerging as one of the greatest economies across the globe. This economy has been projected to be one of the top three economic powers of the world in the upcoming 10 to 15 years. The Indian government has acknowledged the MSME sector as one of the significant drivers of this growth.

Considering that the Central Government of India is eager to ensure that its economy continues with its exponential growth, it has been making multiple endeavours to ensure the interactive platform between domestic and foreign MSMEs.

One such attempt was the…

In light of recent events, most businesses are concentrating on content writing as part of their digital marketing techniques. For this leading enterprises require content writing services Moscow for meeting the exponential content needs.

This unquestionably demands devoted content writers who can produce high-calibre and engaging contents in a limited time frame. Keep in mind that success behind content writing services Moscow depends on how the materials are delivered as per clients’ demands. This also includes writing relevant and engaging content by hiring the article or blog writing experts in Russia.

How would one determine his business needs content writing services?

Here are some of the prominent facts that determine…

Das Writing Services Pvt. Ltd., a content writing company with a business vintage of 7 years, got its first international beckoning via an invitation to the International SME Convention 2019. This organization has been listed among the top 1000 SMEs across the nation among 39,000 applicants. While their achievement speaks volumes about their persistent and innovative endeavours, they are now at the brink of receiving an immense exposure, via this recognition.

While this content writing agency sets on its debut move on the international platform, take a look at why this is being considered an important step in its future…

Buzzzzz….heard about the latest celeb of content marketing — Voice search optimized content?

This seems to have grappled the millennials like wildfire.



This is the new maestro of 2019 which began 3–4 years ago thanks to the onslaught of Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. Such voice-enabled mechanisms have given us the freedom to use our voice. No more lies the hassle of typing.

· Voice search optimization allows users to speak rather than type keywords.

· Creating content that directly answers a voice query is what this entire phenomenon asks.

· Content addresses target…


Subhodip Das is a proficient copywriter who creates contents adhering to precise SEO standards.

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